Complete online enrollment

Online Enrollment

It is no surprise that employees hate open enrollment time.  Trying to remember what benefits they are currently enrolled in, filling out multiple forms with the same information, and figuring out the cost might cause even the most relaxed employee to pull his hair out.

With our enrollment wizard, employees are guided through the enrollment process step-by-step with plenty of help along the way.

With online open enrollment, managing your open enrollment process couldn't be easier. Keep track of each employee's process in the enrollment wizard, send a reminder to start, and after open enrollment run an employee cost report to update payroll.
Employees can view a summary of their current benefits, review benefits they are eligible for, and even update their personal information before starting enrollment. During enrollment they can see current benefits and make elections for any new plans.
The enrollment system shares information with the brokers allowing them to setup the enrollment wizard using the information that they are already tracking on your company benefits. They can also view any changes to enrollment to update the carriers when necessary.


HR Dashboard

  • Open enrollment tracking
  • Email distribution
  • Policy details
  • Quick access to employee records
  • Customize view
  • Plan Benefit Summary
  • Quick links to most common tasks

The dashboard gives me quick access to the most critical information every day. Direct access to an employee record, open enrollment tracking, and a list of newly registered new hires are just a few of the ways the dashboard helps me stay on top of my task load. During open enrollment I can send a quick reminder to employees that haven't started yet, right from the dashboard.

HR Manager
HR Manager
Elisa B.
Open Enrollment
Guided online enrollment allows the employee to see current elections, view plan choices, and select benefits for the upcoming plan year. Enabled for HR managers and employees to access when it is time to make elections for the annual renewal of benefits.
New Hire Enrollment
The opportunity for new hires to enroll in benefits is limited to a time period not to exceed a specific number of days from their hire date. This ensures elections are made in a timely fashion, and also provides the option to process the elections prior to the effective date to allow time for the carrier to send out membership cards or additional information. Available to both the HR manager for assisting a new employee, or via the employee portal for employee self-selection, the tool will walk through the employee's benefit choices and elections will be saved factoring in any waiting period to calculate the effective date.
Mid-Year Enrollment
Available to HR managers, this step by step tool aids in making mid-year changes by setting the effective date and qualifying event for the change. Previous elections will be terminated automatically when applicable.
Coverage Management
Direct access to manage specific elections is available throughout the year to HR Managers. This tool allows changes to be made quickly to any election, including updating an election once an employee has been approved for a higher insurance benefit amount, or when an election needs to be terminated.
Passive Enrollment
Pre-enroll employees in the same benefits they had in the previous year. The employee can preview the benefit summary and choose to make changes. If they want to stay in the same plans, they don't need to do anything.
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