IRS 1094/1095

IRS Support for Affordable Care Act forms 1094/1095

The system supports the IRS 6055 and 6056 Affordable Care Act reporting requirements. Use the election data already stored in the system to generate necessary information and populate the 1094 and 1095 forms annually.

Guided Set-Up

The system will guide you through the setup process to determine what data and forms are required based on your business.

Based on your answer to the setup questionnaire, the system will determine which forms you need to submit to meet your reporting requirements.

Generate From Enrollment

When you are using the system to manage your employee elections, the data from those elections can be used to generate the information needed to populate the IRS forms.

Before the data is saved for the monthly tracking, the HR manager may review the data and make any necessary manual updates for special scenarios to make sure the correct reporting codes are used.

Electronic Consent

Collect electronic consent from employees and deliver the employee copy of the 1095 forms to the employees via the employee website. Allow the employees to download the forms when preferred over printed delivery.