New Hires

New Hire Processing

New Hire Management

Processing new hires from before the first day, until they are settled in, using the employee portal to collect and distribute information.

  • 1New Hire
    Congratulations. You now have a new hire. Ready to get him in the system? Either allow the employee to register using new hire registration to setup initial demographic information, or enter in key employee details like name, salary, hire date, to initiate the employee record.
  • 2Collect Details
    The employee can then log into the employee portal to begin completing any key information such as home address, emergency contacts, and dependents.
  • 3Employee Documents
    New hires can access key employee documents such as the employee handbook, W4, and direct deposit forms. Collect signed documents securely. *coming soon-digital signature
  • 4Benefits Information
    Employees can review details about the company benefits they are eligible for including medical, dental, vision, and more. Plan comparisons, rates, and important policy documents are accessible in one place.
  • 5Enrollment
    Access to make benefit elections during allowed time for new hires. Effective date for new benefits will be calculated based on hire date and plan waiting periods automatically.
  • 6Dashboard and Reporting
    The HR homepage dashboard gives immediate visibility into new hires that have not yet been approved in the system, have not yet made their benefit elections, or haven't completed key required paperwork. Run reports to see details about new hires, new benefit elections for updating payroll, and more.